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Poly Plant Project

Highlights about Poly Plant Project and the polysilicon industry

  • Jan Maurits, President of Poly Plant Project will present at the 7th Advanced Manufacturing Forum in Munich

  • Poly Plant Project to exhibit at Intersolar Europe 2011 in Munich June 8-10, 2011

  • PPP Congratulates Hankook Silicon Company Ltd. as their Polysilicon Production Plant Reaches Nameplate Capacity

  • PPP's world-class CVD Reactor fabricator selected to produce Fusion Energy Reactors for ITER Project

  • PPP to provide process technology, equipment and services for new polysilicon production plant in China

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Poly Plant Project Inc.

Founded by industry experts with decades of polysilicon production experience, Poly Plant Project (PPP) enables companies to design, engineer and build world-class manufacturing plants for the production of high purity polysilicon.

PPP is providing the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries with advanced, world-class polysilicon production solutions. From modular packages to complete plants, our customized solutions integrate advanced and proven, process technology, engineering, equipment and field services required to design, build and operate world-class, high-purity polysilicon production plants.

Poly Plant Project provides customized consulting, engineering, process technology and equipment, modular packages and complete plant solutions based on our advanced and proven process and equipment designs. Our solutions enable our customers to build and safely operate efficient and reliable poly plants that deliver attractive Capex and minimized Opex. Our focus on reducing operating costs enables poly plant owners and investors to maximize profits from the continuous reliable production of low-cost, high-purity polysilicon.

PPP works with project developers and investors, solar cell manufacturers and consumers of polysilicon material as we help companies design, engineer and build polysilicon production plants. We're able to provide customers with new sources of polysilicon material, process technology and equipment enabling them to accelerate their companies' growth. In addition, we work with companies that want to expand their business by partnering with other firms with similar interests. And we frequently work with clients who would like to join with others to invest in constructing and expanding polysilicon production plants.

Poly Plant Project, Inc. provides project planning support, pre-construction consultation and engineering services and reports which detail plant site requirements, engineering and construction issues, production processes, process and products evaluation, operator and safety training, plant start-up, safety systems as well as cost estimates for the engineering services and plant design, and key technologies needed to build a polysilicon production plant.

If an investor or company needs support, service or specialized equipment related to polysilicon production plants, Poly Plant Project, can provide it.

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