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Founded by polysilicon industry experts, Poly Plant Project, (PPP) is working with companies that have a serious interest in building a manufacturing plant for the production of polycrystalline silicon material.

PPP is enabling companies involved in the solar industry to build polysilicon material production plants and supply the fast-growing solar industry with the feedstock material, solar grade polysilicon (SoG), they desperately need to produce solar cells and modules. PPP’s advanced process technology is quite capable of producing high-purity polysilicon material required by the semiconductor industry for the production of electronic grade (EG) polycrystalline silicon material.

Headquartered in California, PPP has offices in the US, Italy, Dubai, China, Seoul and Japan and does much of its work outside the United States. Our Client Services Group is involved in ongoing projects in the Middle East and in Asia and has completed assignments in Spain, Norway, Italy, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and the US.

PPP provides customized consulting, engineering, process technology and equipment, modular packages such as the systems required to produce and purify trichlorosilane (TCS) as well as complete plant solutions based on our advanced and proven process technology and equipment designs. Our solutions enable our customers to build, startup and safely operate efficient and reliable poly plants that deliver attractive Capex and minimized Opex. Our focus on reducing operating costs enables poly plant owners and investors to maximize profits from the continuous reliable production of low-cost, high-purity polysilicon.

In addition to providing poly plant engineering design, PPP offers pre-construction consultation services and reports which detail plant site requirements, engineering and construction issues, production processes, process and products evaluation, operator and safety training, plant start-up, safety systems as well as cost estimates for the engineering services (plant design), and key technologies needed to build a polysilicon production plant.

Investors and companies considering building new plants or expanding or improving existing polysilicon production plants benefit from PPP’s expertise and full range of consulting and engineering services, reports, plant design and expansion expertise, advanced process technology and equipment, plant worker and safety training, plant and equipment commissioning and startup support as well as plant maintenance and troubleshooting and other plant-specific services.

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