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Ancillary Equipment

Distributive Control System (DCS)

PPP provides the complete Distributed Control System (DCS) solution for the Reactors and Converters. The DCS is a process automation system specifically designed to meet the requirements of the PPP process technology package. The PPP DCS represents the state-of-the-art in automated control and plant-wide process management. The DCS includes features commonly associated with a DCS (such as continuous and complex control, advanced operator interfaces, and sophisticated redundancy) and a programmable logic controller (such as ladder logic, high speed control, and remote I/O architectures). This functionality, integrated into one control, allows for various operations such as batch, continuous, and safety control. PPP provides one (1) DCS for the CVD Reactor Building and Off Gas Recovery and one (1) DCS System for the TCS Production, Distillation, and Utilities Systems. These two (2) systems may be integrated into one (1) overall system.

Fluid Delivery System (FDS) for Reactors and Converters

The FDS consists of control valves, instrumentation, and piping used to monitor and control the process streams supplied to the Reactors and Converters. The small size of the FDS allows for efficient modular process integration while providing ease of use and serviceability to all instrumentation and valves. Functional testing on all instrumentation and valves are performed in our factory to ensure the greatest quality and performance once the units arrive on site.

Vent Gas Routing (VGR) System for Reactors and Converters

vent gas routing system for reactors and convertersPPP-E offers a VGR system to control the process streams leaving the Reactors and Converters. Similar to the FDS, the VGR also provides customers with a modular skid mounted design that allows for ease of installation, operation, and serviceability.

Silicon Rod Harvester

One of the most critical equipment in polysilicon product handling process is the product harvester, which is used to harvest deposited polysilicon rods from the reactor after every deposition cycle. PPP has developed its own highly sophisticated product harvester, incorporating many years of plant operation experience. The harvester plays a key role in significant reduction of production turnaround time, enabling clean efficient material handling and reducing chances of contamination during manual harvesting process. PPP’s harvester is deployed after every reactor run cycle to remove all the deposited polysilicon rods.

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