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Advanced Process Technology

Poly Plant Project (PPP) provides customized process technology in the form of modular packages and complete plant solutions using our advanced and proven process designs. PPP’s solutions have been developed based on our team’s decades of polysilicon production plant engineering and operation experience at highly efficient, world-class plants.

PPP’s experience at multiple polysilicon production plants has enabled our team to develop advanced process technology packages that are based on proven processes and equipment ensuring the safe, efficient and reliable production of polysilicon materials as well as the production, recycling and storage of gases and liquids in the plant.

PPP’s team has many years of experience in the Polysilicon and Chemical Industries. This experience has enabled PPP to provide advanced process technology systems:

  • Trichlorosilane production process
    • Hydrochlorination process
    • Hydrogenation processes (cold conversion)
  • Trichlorosilane purification process
  • Deposition process
  • Polysilicon processing
  • Advanced conversion process
    • Thermal converter process
    • Hydrogenation chemical process
  • Cost-effective co-product and vent gas recovery and recycle
  • Filament production process
  • Quality control system for all processes and equipment
  • Analyses and evaluation system for all products and co-products
  • Risk analysis and safety system for all processes and equipment

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