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Basic Engineering

Poly Plant Project’s Basic Engineering Package defines the scope of work (SoW) of a project. It is the foundation of the design input for what follows which is project execution. The Basic Engineering Package (BEP) is the structure of what the project will consist of and it ensures the quality of the work when the project is completed.

PPP is experienced in the preparation of Basic Engineering Packages (BEPs) and has developed many BEPs for our customers. This package is used as the building block to design and build a polysilicon plant and it provides the overall scope of the project. It is also the design basis for the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company to develop the detailed design, which ultimately is used for procurement and construction activities.

PPP develops a well designed BEP to ensure a quality polysilicon plant is engineered. The design specifications contained in BEPs are founded on process simulations incorporating actual data from operating poly plants around the world and it’s backed up by proven technologies, polysilicon plant operational experience and PPP’s vast R&D expertise PPP works closely with the EPC firm while they provide the detailed design of the facility and manage the installation. Then, PPP provides the technical support and training your operators need to start-up and operate your polysilicon production plant. PPP delivers BEPs to our customers and provide commissioning services as the final
stage of technology development and transfer.

At a minimum, PPP’s basic engineering packages typically contain the following:

  • Basis of Design and Process Description
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Material and energy balances
  • Utility Flow Diagram
  • Utility and Raw Material Consumption Summary
  • Equipment List and Equipment Process Data Sheets
  • Emission and effluent data (gaseous, liquid and solid)
  • Process hazard analysis report and Area Classification Diagram
  • Piping and Instrument Diagrams
  • Process Instrumentation Philosophy and Logic Diagram
  • Plant Layout
  • Preliminary Process Operating Manual
  • Final product specifications with performance and quality metrics
  • Rough capital cost and operating cost estimation

Our expertise and experience has been gained over many years of process technology licensing, from collaborative projects and from working closely with clients to customize our process technology to meet their unique business goals.

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