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Client Services

Poly Plant Project’s Client Services can provide significant additional value by supporting you and your polysilicon plant project at critical stages throughout its lifecycle by giving you access to PPP’s team of industry veterans.

From the start, PPP’s Client Services Consulting Services Group can help you plan your entire project: everything from feasibility studies and market analyses to preliminary plant site layout, plant design and more.

Once engaged with PPP, the Client Services Project Support Group will manage PPP’s deliverables with our dedicated team of project managers, engineers, and field technicians. From delivering technical documentation, to holding design review meetings and training sessions, PPP Client Services manages the transfer of technology and equipment knowledge from PPP to your team.

PPP technicians provide on site trainingDuring construction, installation, and commissioning, PPP’s Client Services Team is on site to help your construction contractor ensure that the equipment is handled properly, installed and commissioned correctly in order to achieve peak performance when the time comes for production to begin. Field technicians are also available on-site to troubleshoot common and not-so-common problems that happen during any project.

While start-up is ongoing, PPP’s technicians and engineers will be with your team on-site to train your operators, and to ensure that the equipment is operated in accordance with the requirements of PPP technology and equipment requirements.

polysilicon productionOnce stable operation is reached PPP’s Client Services Consulting Services Group is available to optimize every facet of your plant to ensure peak performance and product quality. From TCS production through filament production or product handling, PPP Client Services Consulting Services Group provides experienced personnel who will enable your plant to produce marketable polysilicon from the first production run.

PPP’s Client Services Service & Maintenance Group is able to perform the maintenance for your TCS production, Distillation, and Reactor Building operations. PPP’s Client Services offers a 24/7/365 day comprehensive coverage plan as alternative to your keeping a maintenance department of your own. PPP Client Services will respond to any problem and will make every effort to have a team on-site with the tools and equipment necessary to have your plant online and running within 24 hours of notification.

PPP’s Client Services ensures that your organization is provided with the best support throughout the lifecycle of your project and plant.

Product Support Group Project Support Group

After signing a contract with Poly Plant Project for technology and/or equipment, the PPP Project Support Group will work with you on the execution of contract deliverables. To support you, PPP has proven Project Managers, field technicians, and engineers with experience on multiple polysilicon plant projects, covering every aspect of polysilicon plant operation.


Project Managers

At PPP, we realize that your success and our success are interconnected. That’s why our Project Managers are focused on working with your Project Team to develop a Benefit Realization Plan that will yield the desired business outcome. Your PPP Project Manager will ensure your project proceeds on schedule, on budget, meeting the requirements of the technical specification and contract. The PPP Project Managers have recognized experience and are members of the Project Management Institute (PMI) with years of experience managing large capital equipment and technology projects.

project management

Field Technicians & Engineers

When it’s time for the installation, commissioning, and start-up of your polysilicon plant, the PPP Project Support Team Field Technicians will be dispatched to support activities at your site. Our Field Technicians each have over 15 years of experience working in polysilicon plants as supervisors and operators. In addition to their previous experience, our field technicians have supported the installation, commissioning, and start-up of PPP technology and equipment on multiple projects. Like our Field Technicians, PPP Project Support Group engineers are available 24/7/365 to support your project throughout the design, installation, and commissioning phases of your project. PPP engineers are able for engineer training, operator training, safety training, and responding to technical questions.

The PPP Project Support Group work with your project team throughout the design, installation, commissioning, and start-up process to ensure that your plant is designed, constructed, and started in accordance with proven PPP process technology and your contract schedule.

Service & Maintenance Group

There are two (2) certainties when considering the operation of a plant with thousands of parts, rotating equipment, and electrical components:

  • Every plant develops problems
  • Downtime costs money

Minimizing downtime is the specialty of the PPP Service & Maintenance Group. Working with the PPP Service & Maintenance Group allows your plant to make more polysilicon at lower total costs. After your polysilicon plant is commissioned and operating, the PPP Service & Maintenance Group offers 24 hour, 7 days per week, 365 days per year continuous service and maintenance coverage to minimize down time and maximize production. This means longer life and higher reliability for each piece of equipment in your plant.

More than just emergency maintenance, PPP Service & Maintenance service plans include preventive maintenance inspections and service at manufacture recommended intervals, using manufacturer recommended parts. So, in addition to minimizing downtime, you also can rest assured that the equipment is being maintained in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer’s condition.

PPP Service & Maintenance Technicians are manufacturer trained on the equipment they service, and each technician is an expert on the equipment they service. They understand and they’re trained in the hazards expected when servicing polysilicon plant equipment, from TCS exposure to high voltage. Our service technicians are fluent in the local language of your plant, so your technicians can communicate without the need of an interpreter.

Using Poly Plant Project’s Service & Maintenance allows you to focus on the most important duty in owning a plant – operation. There’s no need to inventory spare parts, or staff and train a maintenance team.

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