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PPP's Unique Complete Polysilicon Plant Solution

complete plant solution

For those seeking to build a new polysilicon plant, Poly Plant Project offers initial consulting, investor services, a complete plant design, critical equipment, construction services, start up and training, and polysilicon product marketing.

PPP takes this one step further by offering its unique-to-the-industry, Complete Plant Solution which integrates PPP’s modular packages and is customized for each plant and site (e.g. nameplate capacity and polysilicon purity specifications). PPP’s advanced, proven process technology and equipment packages are customized for each project and plant site.

PPP’s Complete Plant Solution includes the following services:

Initial Planning Services

  • Feasibility study
  • Capex and Opex estimates
  • Funding applications support
  • Environmental data report and risk analysis
  • Plant site requirements, site evaluation
  • Initial Plot Plan
  • Infrastructure evaluation and recommendations
  • Initial estimates for utilities
  • Labor requirements
  • Recruiting and staffing support
  • Materials lists, specifications and sources
  • Equipment lists, specifications and sources
  • Emergency Response Plan support
  • Process Technologies selection
  • Project schedule estimate
  • Selection of Engineering Procurement and Construction Company
  • Polysilicon products sales and market support
  • Safety recommendations
3d polysilicon plant rendering

Plant Design

  • Final Process Design
  • Final Plot Plan
  • Detailed Capex estimate
  • Detailed Operating cost estimate
  • Detailed Project Schedule
  • Energy and Material Balance data
  • Detailed data for utilities
  • QA Laboratory design
  • QC procedures
  • Polysilicon Products specifications

Detailed Engineering Package & Procurement (Provided by PPP’s EPC Partner)

  • Complete design of the Process Technology Areas
  • Complete design of all Supporting Systems including:
    • Feed Preparation
    • Product Handling
    • Process Vent and Emergency Vent Gas Treatment System
    • Filament Production
    • Waste Treatment Systems
    • Steam Generation
    • Utility Systems (Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Hydrochloric Acid, Process Water, Cooling Water, Refrigerants, etc.)
  • Documents and Drawings in Addition to PTP ready for procurement of major equipment
  • Preliminary 3-D Model of Plant with Piping greater than 50 mm.
  • Complete facility design (Site, Building, Electrical, HVAC, etc.)
  • Documents and drawings ready for construction
  • Final 3-D model
  • Detailed cost estimate
  • Operating, Maintenance, Commissioning, and Analytical Manuals
  • Procurement of all equipment
  • All documents required by the construction company

Key Equipment

  • TCS synthesis –Advanced Fluid Bed Reactor
  • TCS purification
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactors
  • Off-Gas Recovery & Recycling - Chlorosilane recovery package
  • Cold Conversion (option)
  • Advanced Thermal Converters
  • Redistribution Columns
  • Neutralization package for chlorosilane waste treatment

Project and Plant Construction Support

  • Construction support
  • Operator Training
  • Safety Training

Plant & Equipment Commissioning, Start Up & Ramp Up

  • Support and Training

Plant Optimization

  • Optimization to design capacity for all process areas

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