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PPP Consulting Services Group

PPP’s Consulting Services Group

Poly Plant Project is able to provide the services of our veteran polysilicon plant experts at critical stages during your project to ensure your plant is successful.

Initial Plant Planning

PPP’s Consulting Services Group offers business and technical consulting services to assist PPP’s customers during the initial phase of constructing a polysilicon plant. During this initial phase, a client will assign three to nine engineers and a support staff for six to twelve months to do initial planning, apply for funding from financial institutions and government funding or tax assistance, research potential plant sites, select the final plant site, apply for environmental permits, select materials sources, select equipment sources, recruit engineers and plant personnel, evaluate safety risks, and select construction contractor(s).

For customers new to the polysilicon business, PPP offers services provided by our experienced consulting engineers and managers to assist in these initial tasks. Based on our team’s years of experience designing, constructing, managing, operating and expanding polysilicon plants, PPP provides consulting services to:

  • Provide support information for applications for funding by financial institutions
  • Suggest sources of financing/partial ownership
  • Provide support information for government/regional incentive projects
  • Provide support for polysilicon marketing and sales
  • Evaluate proposed plant sites
  • Provide information for regional agencies to support the proposed plant site
  • Evaluate Site support systems and infrastructure
  • Assist in selecting a plant project team
  • Provide support for environmental applications and permits
  • Provide a hazardous materials list
  • Provide a risk analysis
  • Provide material lists and specifications
  • Provide material sources
  • Provide equipment lists and specifications
  • Provide equipment sources
  • Provide emergency response plan elements

Post Commissioning Optimization

There is a big difference between having equipment running, and having equipment running optimally. PPP’s Consulting Services Group offers technical consulting services to assist our Clients in optimizing the quality and efficiency of their polysilicon plant after the commissioning is completed. From scheduling workers, production, and maintenance, through quantitative analysis of the TCS production, distillation, and deposition processes, PPP offers the experience of our industry experts to help ensure your plant produces the highest possible quality polysilicon at the lowest possible cost per kilogram polysilicon.

PPP’s Services

  • TCS Production Optimization
  • Distillation Optimization
  • Deposition Optimization
  • STC-to-TCS Thermal Converter Optimization
  • Employee Optimization
  • Operating Schedule Optimization
  • Utility Optimization

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