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Detailed Engineering

Detailed Engineering is the engineering work that follows the Basic Engineering Package once the approval has been given for the project. The Detailed Engineering Package (DEP) provides the necessary specifications and construction drawings which provide detail on all of the engineering aspects for the construction of a polysilicon production plant.

PPP provides Detailed Engineering Packages for PPP’s process technology packages and for PPP’s equipment packages. The detailed design of the complete plant is provided by PPP as part of Poly Plant Project’s Complete Plant Solution which includes the complete engineering package.

Our personnel have many years of Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company experience and have developed customized detailed design packages and can provide the entire polysilicon plant to suit our customers’ needs. PPP also works with Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) companies who can provide the Detailed Engineering Package for the project.

Poly Plant Project brings the EPC company to the project as part of the overall package when PPP provides its Complete Plant Solution. The EPC companies PPP works with are international firms with relevant experience having worked on multiple polysilicon production plants. One of the EPC companies PPP works with has designed and built more than twenty-five (25) polysilicon plants.

polysilicon nuggetsOur design team works with the EPC to provide the detailed facility design including Civil, Structural, Instrumentation, Electrical, and Piping design, which is important for use in procurement activities for both equipment and material take-off for procurement of bulk materials. Our detailed engineering will nearly eliminate interferences with our 3-D piping design. Once vendor data is incorporated into the detailed design, the documents will be and “Issued for Construction” to the construction company.


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