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Engineering Procurement Construction Services

Poly Plant Project is unique in the industry providing its Complete Plant Solution. An integral part of this solution is the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) services which is included in the Complete Plant Solution.

PPP provides the process technology and specialized equipment and works with its EPC partner company to provide the balance of plant equipment through the procurement process. PPP manages the project while working with the EPC company which manages the detailed engineering, procurement and construction. This complete package also involves PPP providing support to the project and the owner all the way through successful start-up of the polysilicon production plant.

Project Support Through Completion

PPP works with the EPC and our customer’s operations team to ensure the plant is producing polysilicon and PPP continues to support the project until it reaches nameplate capacity and meets its written performance guarantees. PPP working with its EPC partner company, will manage sub-contractors and provide plant and operator training as well as commissioning and start-up support. PPP works with our customer to provide a polysilicon plant that reaches nameplate production capacity and polysilicon purity specifications.

PPP offers a wide range of EPC-related services that will ensure the plant is built, started up and operated successfully. The following are some of the EPC services offered by PPP:

  1. Process Technology Package (PTP) or Front End Engineering (FEED) Package
  2. Basic Engineering Package (BEP)
  3. Detailed Engineering Package (DEP) or Construction Package (CP)
  4. Complete Plant Solution to Mechanical Completion working with our EPC partner or your EPC which included but not limited to the following:
    1. Issued for Construction Package
    2. Program Management
    3. Procurement Management
    4. Construction Management
    5. Operator Training
    6. Polysilicon Nameplate Production and Purity Guarantees

Selecting Poly Plant Project will facilitate the design, procurement and construction of your poly plant. This integrated Complete Plant Solution will shorten the time to market by quickly getting your plant producing polysilicon at nameplate capacity while meeting the purity specifications.

PPP’s experienced field team experts, who have more than 200 years of combined operational experience in polysilicon plants worldwide, will train and assist your operations team to achieve your production goals.

PPP’s EPC partner is experienced in the design, procurement and construction of more than 26 polysilicon plants worldwide. Some of their attribute are:

  • International large-scale engineering company
  • "Engineering Design Comprehensive A-Class Certificate" this company is one of the nine highest grade corporations in China
  • The most powerful and comprehensive engineering consultation and design organization in China
  • polysilicon nuggetsSuccessfully completed engineering, design and construction of more than 2,000 projects worldwide in the chemical, natural gas, and petrochemical industries as well as in power, light industry, metallurgy and architecture.
  • This company has completed over 100 contracts in Indonesia, United States of America, Britain, France, Japan, Italy, Pakistan, Sudan, Burma, Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • Established QHSE and passed three-system authentication by related organizations

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