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Poly Plant Project, Inc. (PPP) is committed to helping companies design, build, startup and operate world-class polysilicon production plants using advanced, best practice process technology to produce high quality and purity polycrystalline silicon material.

Poly Plant Project accomplishes this through its focus on:

Quality – Polycrystalline silicon material must meet stringent quality standards demanded by the semiconductor and solar industries.  We at Poly Plant Project understand what’s needed to meet these requirements.  PPP’s advanced process technology and state-of-the-art equipment designs result in the production of the highest quality and purity polysilicon material.

Purity – Polysilicon material must meet exacting purity standards, with comprehensive analytical methods closely monitoring the critical elements.  Every step of the planning and design of the polysilicon production plant is based on producing high purity polysilicon material.

People – Poly Plant Project’s people are the company’s greatest asset.  We draw on our experience, knowledge and passion for polysilicon production plants to help our customers succeed with the design, planning, construction and operation of their plants.

Communication – Open and clear communication on projects will enable success.  PPP takes pride in its communication as it shares information with our customers and their project management team.  We work closely with them to create a close-knit Project Team that works together sharing common goals.  We understand the two teams must work together as this Project Team is responsible for the on-time construction, startup and success of the polysilicon production plant.

Proven Processes – Poly Plant Project uses best practices and proven process technology based on open design.  PPP is working to improve the engineering design and poly manufacturing technology.  PPP is advancing its polysilicon production process designs through R&D and feedback from real-world poly plant experience.

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