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Poly Plant Equipment

Poly Plant Project (PPP) offers complete critical equipment systems that are specifically integrated with PPP’s process technology to provide the greatest yield and efficiency.

PPP equipmentCritical Equipment Systems:

In addition to the critical equipment systems, PPP provides supporting equipment systems that minimize the mechanical, electrical, process, and control system installation and integration time. This greatly reduces the time it takes to move from plant design to production.

PPP equipment

Supporting Equipment Systems:

  • Heat exchange equipment
  • Fluid Delivery System (FDS)
  • Vent Gas Routing (VGR)
  • Modularized pump skids
  • Modularized testing and sampling manifold
  • DCS remote input/output (I/O) panels
  • Reactor/Converter Access Platforms

Advantages to Using PPP equipment:

  • Guaranteed performance
  • Equipment integrated with PPP process technology
  • Code compliance
  • Technical support
  • Reduced engineering and overall project cost
  • Faster delivery
  • Reduced installation, commissioning & start-up time
  • Experienced equipment fabrication
  • Quality Assurance
  • Equipment warranty

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