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Poly Plant Project, Inc. was founded in 2005 by a group of polysilicon industry veterans and our team has several hundred years of combined experience in designing, building, expanding, starting up and operating polycrystalline silicon production plants.

Poly Plant Project, Inc. enables companies to research, plan, design,
build and safely operate manufacturing plants for the production of
high-purity polysilicon material.

The rapid growth of Poly Plant Project, Inc. has been driven by several industry situations:

A critical worldwide shortage of polysilicon feedstock material for the solar industry.
The market for solar energy has seen enormous growth and the demand for polysilicon material has often times overwhelmed the supply. The solar industry has faced a combination of polycrystalline silicon material shortages and increased interest due to volatile oil prices and concerns about global warming and carbon dioxide emissions. Recent years have seen shortages of polysilicon the material used to manufacture photovoltaic cells and the subsequent high prices have restricted the growth of the industry and worldwide use of solar energy products.

Numerous inquiries from around the world asking for our help.
The Poly Plant Project team is comprised of veterans of the polysilicon industry with long-term relationships with leading companies around the world. Due to the shortages of polysilicon material, PPP received unprecedented numbers of requests for feedstock material. Besides looking for polysilicon material, our contacts were also asking us to help them build polycrystalline silicon production plants so they could create and secure a guaranteed supply of poly material and move forward with plans to expand their solar cell and module production plants.

Existing plants with operational issues needing to increase productivity and improve safety.
A number of polysilicon production plants have been built over the past few years and many are struggling with production issues that typically have been caused by unproven process technology, poorly designed equipment and management and operational teams with insufficient experience in polysilicon production. PPP’s extensive experience in polysilicon plants and the efficient production of polycrystalline silicon has enabled Poly Plant Project, Inc. to work with existing plant owners around the world helping them troubleshoot their plants and provide advanced process technology, equipment, consulting services and field support enabling them to increase productivity and safety while improving their bottom line profitability.

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