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Poly Plant Project's Services

Poly Plant Project (PPP) is providing the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries with advanced, world-class polysilicon production solutions. From modular packages to complete plants, our customized solutions integrate advanced and proven, process technology, engineering, equipment and field services required to design, build and operate world-class, high-purity polysilicon production plants.

PPP Polysilicon Plant Project Consulting Services

Project Consulting, Planning and Engineering Service

PPP’s Client Services provides a range of consulting and engineering services that cover every aspect of a polysilicon plant project including feasibility studies, project concept and planning, economic justification, marketing studies, investment planning, project assessment, site surveys, process and plant design, engineering, project/plant team and management recruiting, procurement, construction supervision, plant and equipment commissioning, plant operation and safety training, polysilicon material sales, troubleshooting, plant equipment and process optimization, product purity testing, polysilicon purity improvement, operating cost analysis and cost reduction.

PPP advanced and proven process technology and equipment systemsAdvanced and Proven Process Technology and Equipment Systems

PPP provides customized engineering, advanced process technology and equipment in modular system packages that can be used individually or integrated together in a complete plant solution. PPP’s proven process and equipment designs are in use at plants now and will be customized to meet your plant’s nameplate capacity, polysilicon purity specifications and site requirements.

Complete Plant Solutions

Poly Plant Project has formed partnerships with international Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) companies that have experience on multiple polysilicon production plants. PPP leverages these relationships and is able to provide a complete polysilicon production plant customized for each project and plant site, based on our advanced and proven process technology and equipment.

PPP guarantees the plant’s design for nameplate capacity, FBR system’s TCS capacity and yield (productivity and efficiency), output of polysilicon from CVD reactors, conversion of STC-to-TCS by the Thermal Converters, and we guarantee that the purity of plant’s polysilicon material will meet specifications

The benefits of working with Poly Plant Project on a Complete Plant Solution are noteworthy:

  • Enjoy significant cost savings, faster time-to-market and guaranteed performance
  • You’ll work with just 2 companies, PPP & the construction company, to design, engineer, construct and startup the plant

Minimized Capex and Opex; Maximum Uptime and Profit

PPP’s solutions enable our customers to build and safely operate efficient and reliable poly plants that deliver attractive Capex and minimized Opex. Our focus on efficient, proven process technology and equipment designs enables you to reduce your operating costs so poly plant owners and investors can maximize profits from the continuous, reliable production of low-cost, high-purity polysilicon.

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