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PPP Team

Poly Plant Project Inc.’s team is comprised of industry veterans most of whom are experienced chemical engineers. Our staff has well over 300 years of combined experience in designing of polysilicon production process and equipment and in polysilicon production plants. Many of our team members joined us having previous polysilicon plant operational experience and members of our Field Service Team are former polysilicon Plant Superintendents. Our people have experience in the engineering, design, construction, expansion, safety, startup and operation of polycrystalline silicon production plants. Other relevant experience includes the global distribution of polysilicon material through the purchase and sales of polysilicon worldwide.


Tetsunori (Terry) T. Kunimune
Chairman & CEO

Mr. Kunimune has been enjoying an illustrious career in the solar industry for the past three decades. One of his companies, Kunical International Group, is a global player in the marketing, sales, and distribution of silicon feedstock, ingots, semiconductor materials and related equipment. He and his companies are well-known globally by polysilicon manufacturers, silicon crystal growers, wafer fabricators, and solar cell manufacturers around the world.

Mr. Kunimune’s companies have a global presence with offices and representatives worldwide including Burbank, California; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Milan, Italy; and Beijing, China. Mr. Kunimune’s many customers worldwide depend on his companies to provide them with polysilicon material and polysilicon production plant services including the engineering, design and consulting services that are essential for their polysilicon-based businesses to succeed.

Message from the Chairman
As this ever-changing world shifts to renewable energy, my goal is to ensure the supply of polysilicon will continue to meet this new and growing global demand. I personally would like to see the polysilicon production to grow as it will make polysilicon material more readily available and ensure the growth and development of the photovoltaic industry along with meeting the continued and increasing demands of the semiconductor industry. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift and a revolution in the global perspective of energy and its consumption and I believe that the future of this industry is in the aggressive development of unique and advanced technologies to support the global demand for polysilicon.

Terry Kunimune, Chairman and CEO

Jan Maurits

Mr. Maurits has over forty years of experience working in the polycrystalline silicon industry and is a recognized authority in polysilicon evaluation methods and specifications. Mr. Maurits has been involved in the construction of 3 poly plants: 100 MTY pilot plant, 1500 & 5000 MTY production plants and 2 plant expansions as well as plant start-ups and several silane gas transfill facilities. Mr. Maurits is a polysilicon industry expert with impressive credentials including Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute (SEMI), Chairman - SOS Committee, Polysilicon Task Force, Silane Standards; American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), Committee F1.06, Silicon Materials; Electrochemical Society; Chairman - High Purity Silicon Symposium; Semiconductor Safety Association; and is the author of many papers.

Jan Maurits, Vice Chairman

Scott Lam
General Counsel

Scott Lam is the General Counsel at Poly Plant Project, Inc. and concentrates his practice on corporate and intellectual property matters. Mr. Lam is a patent attorney licensed before the State of California and United States Patent and Trademark Office. In addition to strategic patent and trademark prosecution, licensing, due diligence and opinion writing, his experience includes corporate, regulatory, civil and criminal matters, as well as participation in international high-stakes intellectual property and civil litigation. Mr. Lam received his B.S. in Biology at the University of California San Diego and his J.D. with a concentration in intellectual property from the University of San Francisco.

Scott Lam, Corporate Attorney

Jerry Ogawa
President, Kunical International Group, Ltd.

Mr. Ogawa has over ten years of experience working in the polysilicon industry. He has an extensive worldwide network originally developed from his involvement in the purchase and sales of polysilicon material including silicon ingots and wafers. Mr. Ogawa’s background includes international business experience, accounting, office and logistics management. He is a bilingual speaker fluent in both Japanese and English.

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 Jerry Ogawa, President Kunical International Group

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