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Poly Plant Project (PPP) is providing the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries with advanced, world-class polysilicon production solutions. From modular packages to complete plants, our customized solutions integrate advanced and proven, process technology, engineering, equipment and field services required to design, build and operate world-class, high-purity polysilicon production plants.

PPP offers complete, advanced Process Technology Packages required by high-purity polysilicon production plants. The individual process technology packages include:

  • Produce trichlorosilane (TCS or SiHCl3) using the hydrochlorination or hydrogenation processes
  • Purify trichlorosilane beyond production grade in order to produce solar/semiconductor grade TCS
  • Separate co-product gases produced in the production process
  • Recycle co-product gases re-using product and minimizing the plant’s waste stream
  • Safely store the trichlorosilane product, chemical intermediates, and co-products
  • Analyze trichlorosilane and co-product gases to ensure production quality and consistency
  • Decompose purified TCS to produce solar grade polysilicon
  • Produce silicon filaments as nucleation seeds used in the polysilicon deposition process
  • Convert co-product silicon tetrachloride (STC) to TCS, by thermal conversion or by hydrogenation
  • Collect and recycle vent gases from Chemical Vapor Deposition reactors and thermal converters
  • Produce polysilicon products including harvesting, handling and processing
  • Treat and abate waste products created in the plant
  • Provide the QA/QC system for the processes and products
  • Provide risk analyses and safety recommendations for all processes
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PPP’s Process Technology Packages are integrated to provide a Total Process Package designed to minimize polysilicon operating cost and to minimize capital expense of plant construction. Our solutions enable our customers to build and safely operate efficient and reliable poly plants that deliver attractive Capex and minimized Opex. Our focus on reducing operating costs enables poly plant owners and investors to maximize profits from the continuous reliable production of low-cost, high-purity polysilicon.

PPP’s Process Technology Packages are available as separate and complete Packages, as well as complete Packages integrated with existing processes and equipment, and as upgrades for existing polysilicon plants. PPP’s Complete Plant Solution integrates the advanced process technology and equipment packages into one complete plant package.

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