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Research & Development

Poly Plant Project’s (PPP’s) research and development (R&D) and technology advancement work enables PPP to provide customers with state-of-the-art technology and it helps PPP achieve its long-term business goal of being the world leader in polysilicon process technology and equipment.

PPP’s R&D department continually and innovatively enhances technology and it tests and commercializes equipment and technology enabling Poly Plant Project, Inc. to be in the forefront in providing the best process technology packages and complete solutions to customers.

Poly Plant Project, Inc. strives to reduce both Capex and Opex, thereby providing customers with a competitive advantage that pays dividends every hour and year of plant operation. PPP’s new and innovative products are developed to enable us to help our customers stay out in front of the increasingly competitive pressures of this industry. Poly Plant Project and its customers enjoy numerous strategic advantages thanks to PPP advancing its process technology and equipment. As a result, PPP has made an even larger commitment to R&D activities than ever before.

A key to PPP’s R&D success is using the range of opportunities available. These include developing process technology and equipment on a lab-scale basis, as well as using pilot plants to do development work and testing followed by commercial testing and proving at functioning plant sites. To have access to advanced technologies PPP works with leaders in the industry. For example, PPP’s advanced Fluid Bed Reactor systems for (1) TCS Synthesis and (2) Cold Conversion were developed by PPP’s team of experts together with talented outside personnel and companies with decades of experience in FBR design.

Poly Plant Project is doing pilot plant work to demonstrate technologies in development. PPP also has a separate laboratory facility used to the pilot plant to provide analytical support for the pilot plant and enable the team to perform bench scale laboratory testing of ideas.

PPP continues to research and develop better ways to produce polysiliconPPP provides customers with technology proven through rigorous laboratory, pilot testing and commercialization. PPP takes a great pride in its R&D work developing concepts and taking them to laboratory testing, pilot testing, detailed equipment engineering design, and finally commercializing them. This is what enables PPP to stand behind its customers by giving them production and performance guarantees ensuring their world-class polysilicon production plants meet their targeted production purity and output goals.

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