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Service & Maintenance Group

There are two certainties when considering the operation of a high-purity production petrochemical plant with thousands of parts, equipment, and electrical components:

  • Every plant develops problems

  • Downtime costs money

Minimizing downtime is the specialty of PPP’s Service & Maintenance Group. Working with the PPP Service & Maintenance Group allows your plant to make more polysilicon at lower total costs. After your polysilicon plant is commissioned and operating, PPP’s Service & Maintenance Group offers 24 hour, 7 days per week, 365 days per year continuous service and maintenance coverage to minimize down time and maximize production. This means longer life and higher reliability for each piece of equipment in your plant.

More than just emergency maintenance, PPP’s Service & Maintenance service plans include preventive maintenance inspections and service at equipment installation servicemanufacture recommended intervals, using manufacturer recommended parts. So, in addition to minimizing downtime, you also can rest assured that the equipment is being maintained in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer’s condition.

PPP’s Service & Maintenance Technicians are manufacturer trained on the equipment they service, so each technician is an expert on the equipment they service. They understand and are trained in the hazards expected when servicing polysilicon plant equipment, from TCS exposure to high voltage. All service technicians are fluent in the local language of your plant, so your technicians can communicate without the need of an interpreter.PPP service and maintenance group

Using PPP’s Service & Maintenance allows you to focus on the most important duty in owning a plant – operation. There’s no need to inventory spare parts, or staff and train a maintenance team.


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