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STC-to-TCS Thermal Converters

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STC-to-TCS Thermal Converters are critical equipment required in polysilicon production plants. These Converters are large pressure vessels with bell shaped (“bell jar”) enclosures that sit on top of base plates.

The Thermal Converter system turns recovered silicon tetrachloride (STC) back into useable TCS by exposing the STC to high temperatures in the presence of hydrogen. The Thermal Converters are designed to contain the pressure and high temperatures that occur during the STC-to-TCS Thermal Conversion.

STC to TCS converter

High Efficiency Polysilicon Production

PPP has designed high efficiency Thermal Converters to operate consuming the least amount of electricity, which lowers operating costs, reducing the cost of each kilogram of TCS produced.

pressure vesselPPP provides two different models of STC-to-TCS Thermal Converters designed to fit our customers’ plant. Both models of Thermal Converters provide 20% or higher single pass conversion of STC-to-TCS.

Flexibility of Use

PPP’s Thermal Converters use the same pressure vessel as PPP’s CVD Reactors. This makes it possible to use Thermal Converters in-line with the CVD Reactors. With only minor changes, a Thermal Converter can be changed into a CVD Reactor. PPP has changed a number of Thermal Converters over to CVD Reactors. This flexibility enables customers to quickly and easily change and expand their plants with little cost impact when adding Cold Conversion.

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