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PPP TCS synthesis equipmentTCS Synthesis Equipment System

Poly Plant Project (PPP) provides a complete high-efficiency Trichlorosilane (TCS) Synthesis System for polycrystalline silicon production plants.

The steps that are involved in the generation of TCS liquid for purification are: Generation of TCS production gas, quenching of the TCS production gas, condensation of TCS production gas and stripping of crude TCS liquid.

The following sub systems are required to generate TCS liquid for purification:

  • Anhydrous HCl generation and feed system
  • MGSi conveyance and feed system
  • Fluidized bed reactor (FBR) and components
  • FBR oil system for heating and cooling
  • TCS quenching, condensation and stripping system
  • TCS production waste recovery system

PPP will design, fabricate and commission major equipment for Trichlorosilane Synthesis and provide all of the TCS Synthesis System when PPP is providing its Complete Plant Solution.

TCS Synthesis System Commissioning Support

Poly Plant Project will provide training, installation, and commissioning support for its TCS Synthesis System.

TCS Synthesis System Guarantee

PPP guarantees the performance of its TCS Synthesis System; the guarantees address:

  • Selectivity: high selectivity of TCS in relation to other chlorosilanes
  • Output (production rate) for each FBR: High superficial gas velocity in the FBR will result in high production rate
  • System uptime: Efficient FBR operation will result in high system uptime

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